Science Time

Environmental themes run throughout the story. Talk to kids about how they should take care of our planet, and things they can do to make it more like planet Friendesha and less like planet Oily Spoily.



  • Two small house plants
  • Water
  • Aerosol Lubricant
  • Window

Talk to your children about what makes a plant grow healthy. Ask them about how the Oily Spoilies squirting oil on everything would affect the living things. Does oil make plants happy or sad? Ask them what they think will happen to two plants if you give one water and sunlight, and give the other one aerosol lubricant and put it in a dark box.

Find out by experimenting!

Get children to think more abstractly by comparing spraying oil on a plant to calling someone a mean name. Then compare giving the plant sun and water to complimenting someone.

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