Talking Points for Parents

If your kids are already talking about the Friend Ship Friendesha at school, continue the conversation with them at home.

The book gives children new ways to think and talk about social problems at school like bullies, problem students, or even teachers that may cause undue stress and tension.

After reading the story again, together, ask some questions.

  • Is there anyone at school that reminds you of an Oily Spoily?
  • Have you ever felt like an Oily Spoily squirted you?
  • Is there anyone at school that makes you feel mad, bad, or sad?
  • What do you think you should do to someone who acts like an Oily Spoily?
  • What are some reasons that someone might be acting that way?

Use the conversation as a way to get your child to feel comfortable talking about his or her problems with you. Gauge the level of distress being caused by classmates, and take action if need be, but remember: the Friendshans are all about giving children healthy, respectful, and positive ways to deal with negativity in their lives. Empower them to fight negative energy with positive energy!

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