Give someone a Friendesha!

What is a Friendesha?

The gift of offering your time and attention to another person you care about, respect, like love, or wish to make peace with. The only "rules" of Friendesha are that you must reach out to this person three times within a two-week period, and make a sincere effort to listen and help; to create positive energy between you. When you offer Friendesha to others, you talk about them; what can you do to make them smile or laugh or think. You open a dialogue about them. Most of all, you listen, with no agenda. There is nothing material exchanged; it's free from one person to another. Friendesha has no monetary value. The only "price" you pay is the effort it takes to talk about them three times. The effort is the gift - and you expect nothing in return - except, hopefully, peace between two parties and positive energy.

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